Daily meal delivery service dedicated to providing healthy eating with optimal results.
Meals are built around macronutrients and are never frozen.
Now order as few as 2 meals per day!

$75 Off First Week’s Subscription
Use Code: FITNESS75

Flexible Weekly Subscription

Our weekly healthy meal plan delivery services starts at $45.
Order 3 to 6 days of fresh, nutritionist designed meals!
Or try us for 1 week starting at $55.
Skip any week. Cancel any time.

All weekly meal plans offer Pescatarian and Paleo meal delivery.

We offer clean food and healthy home meal delivery service to Los Angeles, Orange County,
San Diego, Santa Barbara and Inland Empire.

Meal Plan Pricing

We offer clean food and healthy home meal delivery service to Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire.

1200 Calories Approx (3 meals)

Trim Meal Plan

1600 Calories Approx (3 meals)

2000 Calories Approx (3 meals + Snack)

Detox Your Body With Clean Food!

Weight Loss Meal Delivery

Our nutritionist-designed meal plans help you lose weight, gain muscle and keep you eating delicious clean food that naturally detoxes your body for a leaner you.

Flexible Weekly Subscription

Our flexible weekly subscription allows you to choose which days you want, you can skip any week and you can cancel anytime.

Eat Clean Food

Every meal is made fresh and delivered daily to your door. Every meal is 100% Gluten, Soy, Dairy Free and does not have any refined sugars.

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Why order a meal prep delivery service when you can have cooked healthy food delivery every day?
That’s ready-to-eat home meal delivery every day to your home.

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“FKLA makes getting in shape for a shoot so much easier. It’s yummy, helps sustain my energy and makes eating stress free.”

Vanessa Hudgens

“I lost 50 pounds on Fitness Kitchen LA’s Trim Meal Plan! I’ve reached my goal and now on their Maintenance Meal Plan.”
– Mike G, NiteVision Management

Delicious Calorie-Controlled Meals
Clean Healthy Food

Energy Boosting Oatmeal with Caramelized Peaches, Chia Seeds, Walnuts w/ Roasted Coconut
Fish & Sweet Potato Chips on a bed of butter lettuce w/Dijon Aioli
Fresh Crab Cakes with Saffron Sauce & Fitness Kitchen Detox Salad
Baked Halibut with Creamy Saffron Sauce & Seasonal Mixed Vegetables

Choose A Meal Plan

Pick the plan that fits your fitness goals. Want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Maintain lean muscle? Just eat healthy? We have a meal delivery plan for you.

Choose Your Meals

Order from our weekly menu. Our locally-produced meals are 100% gluten, soy and dairy free. We never use any refined sugars.

Schedule Delivery

It’s easy and simple! Just choose the days you want delivery and your start date. Remember you can skip any week you want or cancel anytime.

Manage Your Orders

Use the Fitness Kitchen Dashboard to manage your account. Simply sign into your account to plan your weekly menu in advance, add new days, change your meals, skip a week or cancel.


There are not enough positive things to say about Fitness Kitchen LA! It was so easy to sign up online and so easy to pick the meal plan that was right for me. Now….on to what you really want to know and that is how is the food?!?! IT IS FANTASTIC!!!!
– Catherine D. from San Diego, CA

The food is absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. A+ on customer service as well. Highly recommend this service in LA. You will not be disappointed. At least try the 7 day trial. It’s very convenient, healthy and yummy!
Jennifer S. from Marina del Rey, CA

Finally happy with a meal delivery service that lives up to its promise. The food is simple, clean, delicious, and refreshing. Company is organized, efficient and reliable. So glad I switched to this company from a “competitor”.
–T K. from Los Angeles, CA

Healthy Meal Plans


Need to lose weight quickly? This plan will get you back on track to losing weight and getting you fit and lean. Designed by a certified nutritionist, this is a diet meal plan that optimizes every calorie for nutrition and flavor. You’ll feel energized and satisfied while the pounds melt away. 

Approximately 1200 calories.


Choose number of days and select your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Looking to just eat clean and healthy every day? This is the program for you. Our meals provide the nutritional foundation to stay strong while providing you with up to 3 meals and an afternoon fuel option for when you need it. Order the number of meals you want.


Created for fit active people or anybody looking to amp up their athletic performance. This is a fuel driving plan that provides smart, satisfying meals to keep you at the peak of your athletic game. Train provides hearty servings with plenty of protein to banish hunger and guarantees that your body gets what it needs to perform, recover and push further. Approximately 2000 calories.


Feeling good about your fit body and want to keep it that way? Maintain is for you! This flavorful plan works for anyone who wants to stay lean without having to think about it. Our meals will nix cravings, fuel workouts and keep you at your ideal weight. Approximately 1600 calories.

Fitness Kitchen LA offers weight loss meal delivery, healthy food delivery and other options such as paleo meal delivery. Get started today! 

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