Fitness Kitchen, is a Los Angeles home meal delivery service committed to bringing delicious and nutritious meals crafted with the freshest ingredients directly to your door. We offer a variety of meal plans and options to cater to a wide range of clientele so you can choose which of our Los Angeles home meal delivery plans is right for you. If you like to pick and choose your meals each week, you can have more freedom of choice and variety by selecting your meals from our A La Carte menu. You may also select one of our offered meal plans that are designed for customers with different diet goals as well as eating preferences and restrictions. So which meal plan is right for you? Check out what we have to offer.

A La Carte

Our weekly A La Carte menu features over 50 restaurant-quality meals designed to keep you balanced and healthy. With weekly specials and additions, as well as size selections, you will be sure to never get bored with the options.


Our balanced meal plan is designed to help you stay fit and never worry about what to eat. All meals are made from scratch daily, 100% soy free, dairy free, and gluten free. We never skimp out on the flavor.


Our Paleo meals are exactly what nature intended. No grains, dairy, or refined sugars will help you to feel great. Curious to learn more about a Paleo diet? You can read up on it here.


Our pescatarian meals are curated for those looking to enjoy seafood and plant-based meals to feed the body and mind.


Get more calories from protein and heart-healthy fats and less on carbs to get you fit in no time. Curious to learn more about a keto diet? You can read up on it here.

Low Carb

Want to cut carbs without cutting taste? Stay on track with our flavorful Low-Carb meal plan.


A flavor explosion of veggies, fruits, and more that are sure to please the healthy and hungry palate.

More Choices More Flavor

Whichever of our locally sourced Southern California and Los Angeles home meal delivery plans or A La Carte meals you decide to try, Fitness Kitchen LA can guarantee you will love what you eat. We only prepare meals with fresh, local ingredients, and offer no-contact delivery right to your door each day. Get started with FKLA today!