You may have noticed some changes to the FKLA website, and perhaps read our last blog addressing some of the changes. In short, we have switched from a meal plan-based delivery service to a FreeStyle Choice meal delivery service – meaning you now get more choice than ever. Rather than being stuck on one certain meal plan each week, you now get to choose from a menu of over 50 items to fit your own dietary needs. Each item is clearly labeled to help you stay on track.

That being said, we have decided to not omit our Keto meal plan and Vegetarian meal plan. These meal options are not as common on our FreeStyle menu, so if you were previously a part of one of these two meal plans nothing has changed for you. More choice and freedom in meals is awesome, but we want to make sure that you continue to get what you need if you follow a keto or vegetarian diet.

Keep it Keto

Our keto-inspired meal plan is based on an extra low-carb, high fat diet. Great for rapid weight loss, greater mental clarity, overall energy, stamina, and it’s diabetic friendly.

Strictly Veggie

Our vegetarian plan menu is carefully crafter to highlight the flavors and freshness of seasonal vegetables and combines a flavor explosion of herbs, spices, and grains to please a healthy and hungry palate.

One Size Fits All

Both keto and vegetarian meal plans come in our maintain plan sizing and start at just $76/week. Add afternoon fuel to your plan for added protein and calories if needed.

Curious to try? Head on over to meal plans to sign up with FKLA and get started!