Recently invited to trial the relaunch of a health-focused meal delivery service in Los Angeles, I was curious and gave Fitness Kitchen LA  a try.  Two thumbs -up!
Fitness Kitchen LA is lifestyle service for health conscious Angelenos wanting optimally nutritious, delicious and restaurant quality meal plans conveniently delivered to their doorstep. Fitness Kitchen taps into a network of California vendors for locally sourced ingredients such as grass-fed beef (no hormones or antibiotics) free-range poultry and eggs, wild-caught fish and seasonal, local produce.
How it Works:
Complete a form that will determine your meal plan and your menu. Do you want to trim, maintain or train?  These are the 3 choices of the meal plans and each plan includes lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fresh vegetables and fruit.
If you don’t like a particular vegetable, grain, fruit, protein or dairy item, Fitness Kitchen will work around dietary and taste preferences. There are up to 5 items you can eliminate at no charge. My five choices were veal, lamb, tofu, brussel sprouts and mushrooms. (If you are a super picky eater, Fitness Kitchen LA will accommodate up to fifteen dietary eliminations at an additional charge.) An email is sent the night before the first delivery confirming your customized plan, what to expect and recommendations on heating the items (avoiding the microwave & heating naturally.)
What I Received:
Bright and early, there was a delivery at my doorstep. Packed neatly in a square cooler bag were my 4 menu items, numbered for each meal with my name on the front. Unpacking each meal was a treat. I could see each meal was very fresh, well- presented, looked attractive and contained quality ingredients. Their website states “Fresh, local ingredients and food that taste like it came from your favorite restaurant” and in my opinion that is a true statement. If you want to get an idea of their weekly menu, click here.
During the 2 day trial, I actually looked forward to each meal and it made me more conscious of portions and how just a little of this or that can add flavor, texture and color without going over board.  My favorite  meal was Fitness Kitchen LA’s Paleo Banana French Toast with coconut berry compote and garnish of strawberries. Oooo lala!  With the 4 meals provided each day, I didn’t feel deprived even though I was on the trim plan. I also really enjoyed the kale and butternut squash salad with pulled roasted turkey. Whoever pulled the turkey took great care in ensuring there were no fatty, stringy, ligament-y parts – and it was super high quality and delicious.
What I liked Fitness Kitchen LA:

  • Locally sourced, super high quality, fresh and mostly organic food
  • Tried new foods or combinations that took me outside of the same healthy eating routine
  • Very good to GREAT tasting well balanced meals
  • 4 Meals delivered daily to my doorstep – super fun!
  • Customized plan based on my unique preferences
  • Great customer service – when I had a question, bingo! Got the answer via email super fast