Between COVID-19 and the past winter, you might be feeling a little stir crazy – especially as LA gets hot and starts opening up again. If you’re itching to get out of the house, but want to exercise or do a fun day trip adventure, read below for some fun activities that can get you out of the house and outdoors.


  • Beach Yoga:
    • Especially as it gets hot again in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, beach yoga could be a fantastic addition to your daily routine, or a fun way to relax on the weekend. Bring your mat and drive down to your favorite beach to meditate and get back in touch with your body while the waves crash into shore.


If you don’t want to go when it’s busy or when the heat is at its peak, try waking up a little early and doing yoga in the morning as the sun comes up, or just before people start to arrive for their beach days. Beach yoga can be calming and relaxing, and can allow you to really connect with your body and take in the beautiful scenery.


  • Morning/Evening Hikes:
    • One of the easiest things to do if you’re looking to get out of the house and get your blood pumping is to go for hike at one of Los Angeles’ many beautiful canyons and overlooks.


If you want to avoid the peak heat of the day or when the trails are especially busy, start or end your day with a morning or evening hike before it really heats up, and enjoy the quiet while getting your blood pumping.


  • Volleyball
    • As more and more people are vaccinated, the chance of getting a group together for a game of beach volleyball hasn’t ever sounded better. Get some friends together and enjoy a lively game of volleyball to both get your blood pumping and get into the competitive spirit.
  • Rollerblading/Longboarding
    • There’s no time like the present for picking up a new hobby. Take advantage of the plethora of boardwalks or scenic areas of Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods and learn to roller-skate or skateboard. Both activities are fun, relatively easy to learn, and will allow you to exercise without even feeling like you’re doing so. It’s a win-win!


No matter what you choose to do to get yourself out of the house as spring becomes summer, make sure to enjoy yourself and try something new. If you’re embarking on a fitness journey this season, Fitness Kitchen LA can help you along in the process. Check out our meal plans to see what’s right for you.