I just had my first week of meals and I must say the service is simply amazing! My dress pants started to become too tight (for some strange reason) and I picked the trim meal plan to help me lose a few pounds. I lost 6 pounds this week alone!

Thank you!

Travis Kinder

“So far the food has been delicious. Better than I expected and I have lost 8 pounds. Insane!”

Laura S
FKLA Customer

I am very impressed with the high-quality of nutritious ingredients and the diverse menu. With Fitness Kitchen LA, I am able to maintain my weight without sacrificing taste. Plus, the convenience of meal delivery works with my very busy schedule at the medical center.

Spencer Koerner, MD
LA Doctor

“I was sort of resigned to thinking I would spend a month eating tiny portions of rabbit food. I was so wrong!!! This food is AMAZING!!!! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!!”

Kerry O'Malley
Kerry O’Malley

We are both loving Fitness Kitchen and feeling healthier than ever! So grateful for your service!

Julie Cinilia
FKLA Customer

I was excited for every meal. They were super delicious, different, and a great way to fuel my body the clean and healthy way.

FKLA Customer
Honestly I have used many services for healthy food delivery in the past and bar none…your food is the best.
Thomas A. Condon
Executive Vice President Colliers International

Hi Chef Marieno,

Your food is amazing and absolutely delicious at the point I am addicted to it. I miss eating it on sundays …
I already lost 3 pounds.

Thank you for cooking such amazing meals for me everyday it is very much appreciated …

Have a wonderful day.

“FKLA makes getting in shape for a shoot so much easier. It’s yummy, helps sustain my energy and makes eating stress free.”

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens
I was on a hunt for the perfect meal delivery service for my clients. I tried several options and without giving too much information, I wanted to see what was delivered. To my surprise some of the companies I tried sent food with way to much dairy (cheese, yogurt), and not much nutritional value. I finally spoke with Joe at FKLA and he sent me a day of food. I was pleasantly surprised that the food I received was everything that I would have my clients eat. I finally found a company that shares my values and truly understands what healthy eating should be. Dairy free, gluten free, and soy free meals are the best way to get the results you are looking for.
Thank you FKLA for helping me, help my clients reach their goals!
Kathy Lohmann
Latreal Mitchell
Celebrity Fitness Trainer