I was on a hunt for the perfect meal delivery service for my clients. I tried several options and without giving too much information, I wanted to see what was delivered. To my surprise some of the companies I tried sent food with way to much dairy (cheese, yogurt), and not much nutritional value. I finally spoke with Joe at FKLA and he sent me a day of food. I was pleasantly surprised that the food I received was everything that I would have my clients eat. I finally found a company that shares my values and truly understands what healthy eating should be. Dairy free, gluten free, and soy free meals are the best way to get the results you are looking for.
Thank you FKLA for helping me, help my clients reach their goals!
Kathy Lohmann
Latreal Mitchell
Celebrity Fitness Trainer

“FKLA makes getting in shape for a shoot so much easier. It’s yummy, helps sustain my energy and makes eating stress free.”

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens

“When I was preparing for Dancing with the Stars, I knew I had to upgrade my diet. The daily rehearsals can be long and if you’re not in top shape, you’ll never make it through. Fitness Kitchen LA was the perfect choice for my meal delivery service. I never have to think about what I’m eating—I just know that along with my training, the meals will give me the strength and stamina I need day-in and day-out. And the food is great, which makes it easy to stick with the plan. I’m happy to say Fitness Kitchen LA has really come through for me.”

Nick Carter
Singer, Backstreet Boys

“Fitness Kitchen LA was the perfect fit for my off season training and nutrition program. Lisa Rado, my nutritionist,  worked closely with Fitness Kitchen LA to make sure my structured nutritional needs were spot on.

I think the food is great, I love the variety and that I don’t have to think about anything, other than heating it up.”

Dustin Brown
Right Wing, LA Kings

“Resetting a professional athletes body requires several steps for guaranteed success including intelligent and intentional nutrition. LA Kings Right Winger, Dustin Brown, came to me in May 2015 ready to optimize his metabolic function, biochemistry and overall health markers. I chose Fitness Kitchen LA as the perfect fit for his ‘intelligent & intentional nutrition’ program that we required for his 3 week Rado Nutrition Athletic Detox program.

In just a few weeks, everything shifted in the right direction: 17 lbs of body fat lost, 7 lbs of lean muscle mass gained, 7% body fat reduction. Every biochemistry health marker is now optimized and he’s never felt better. I can’t wait to see him dominate the ice this season! Thanks Fitness Kitchen LA for being a valuable team member!”

Fitness Kitchen LA client, Lisa Rado
Lisa Rado
CN, IHC, Rado Nutrition

“I was thrilled when my husband (Luc Robitaille, LA Kings President of Business Operations) introduced me to Fitness Kitchen LA. I’m in the process of writing a book and the service has been extremely convenient; saving me an incredible amount of time. Best of all, the meals are absolutely delicious—it’s as though I have my own personal gourmet chef!”

Stacia Robitaille
Author & CEO, Chairman & Founder, Echoes of Hope

“The last couple months have been extremely busy with work. I’ve had to gain weight then quickly turn around and lose the weight for a completely different character. Throw being a new father on top of that and it can become very overwhelming trying to keep my meal plan on course. That’s what I love about Fitness Kitchen, they make my life easy and keep my meal plan on point so I’m ready for whatever the next role is.”

Fitness Kitchen LA client A.J. Buckley
AJ Buckley

“As a dentist and lover of good nutritious food, I am so pleased to have found Fitness Kitchen LA! I am proud to stand by a company that uses only locally sourced ingredients. Not only is the food delicious and satisfying, but I love that it is also free of processed sugars. From a dental health perspective, that is a HUGE benefit because those nasty processed sugars can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and not to mention bad breath. Keep up the great work Fitness Kitchen LA. You guys are great!”

Dr. Taline Kotchounian, DDS

“This service is a total game changer for me. I needed to lose weight and body fat and needed a meal plan to compliment my workouts. After just a few months of eating Fitness Kitchen custom meals, my energy level is incredible and I feel 10 years younger. This program helped me lose 5-7 pounds in one month without starving or stressing.”

Travis Aaron Wade

“I will admit, I was hesitant to try another home delivery food program. I am always disappointed! There is never enough to eat. It always tastes like cardboard. And I usually eat all my meals in one sitting. Fitness Kitchen LA recently relaunched and I was open to trying a couple of days and holy wow—YUM. “

Emily Wagner
Editor, Groomed LA