Weekly Meal Plans
Delivered Fresh Daily

Meals built around macronutrients.
Never frozen. 

Now order as few as 2 meals per day!

Weekly Meal Plans
Delivered Fresh Daily

Meals built around macronutrients.
Never frozen.

Now order as few as 2 meals per day!


Body transformation begins here. Fitness Kitchen LA is here to help you achieve your fitness goals without cooking or planning a single meal. Every meal is 100% gluten, soy and dairy free. We never use any refined sugars. For Paleo and Pescatarian, simply eliminate grains and legumes for Paleo and meat for Pescatarian at checkout.

Meal Plan Pricing

We offer clean food and healthy home meal delivery service to Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire.

1200 Calories Approx (3 meals)

Now order as few as 2 meals per day!

Trim Meal Plan

1600 Calories Approx (3 meals)

Now order as few as 2 meals per day!

2000 Calories Approx (3 meals + afternoon fuel)

Now order as few as 2 meals per day!

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Our most popular plan, trusted by thousands of people just like you. Body transformation starts with good eating. This 3 meals a day plan will get you back on track to losing weight and getting fit and lean. Designed by a certified nutritionist, this is a diet meal plan that optimizes every calorie for nutrition and flavor. You’ll feel energized and satisfied while the pounds melt away. Body Transformation Begins With Proper Food. Start your transformation today!

Approximately 1200 calories

Please note: our Trim Meal Program is for people who want to take their Weightloss transformation seriously. If you are not serious about your body transformation, do not subscribe until you are ready.

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*2 Week Minimum

Valid for Trim, Train & Maintain Plans Only

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1 Week Trial Starts $55/day



Created for fit active people or anybody looking to amp up their athletic performance. This is a fuel driving plan that provides 4 smart, satisfying meals a day to keep you at the peak of your athletic game. Train provides hearty servings with plenty of protein to banish hunger and guarantees that your body gets what it needs to perform, recover and push further. Every day of meals includes 4 meals that included breakfast, lunch, afternoon fuel and dinner.

Approximately 2000 calories

Subscription Starts $65/day

1 Week Trial Starts $75/day



Feeling good about your fit body and want to keep it that way? This 3 meal plan is for you! This flavorful 3 meals a day plan works for anyone who wants to stay lean without having to think about it. The Maintain meals will nix cravings, fuel workouts and keep you at your ideal weight.

Approximately 1600 calories

Subscription Starts $50/day

1 Week Trial Starts $60day



Choose number of days and select your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Choose number of days and select your meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon fuel, dinner)
Looking to just eat clean and healthy every day? This flexible program allows you to select the number of meals you want. This custom meal plan provides the nutritional foundation you need to stay strong while providing you with up to 3 meals and an afternoon fuel option for when you need it. The number of calories depends on the number of meals you order as with Healthy Eats you an order any number of meals you wish.

Subscription Starts $12/per meal

1 Week Trial Starts $14/per meal


“I lost 50 pounds on Fitness Kitchen LA’s Trim Meal Plan! I’ve reached my goal and now on their Maintenance Meal Plan.”

– Mike G, NiteVision Management

What is the Fitness Kitchen Difference?

  • Clean Food That Feels Amazing
  • Meal Plans Specific to Your Fit Goals
  • Healthy Eats Option for Every Day Clean Eating
  • Unique Menus Every Week to Order From

“I am very impressed with the high-quality of nutritious ingredients and the diverse menu. With Fitness Kitchen LA, I am able to maintain my weight without sacrificing taste. Plus, the convenience of meal delivery works with my very busy schedule at the medical center.”

Spencer Koerner, MD
LA Doctor