We can all admit to a little bit of stress eating lately. Times are stressful! From being cooped up at home, having the kids in the house all day, even just reading the news – our daily lives could feel more anxiety-inducing than normal right now. Maybe you’re snacking on the kid’s cookies late at night, or having an extra glass of wine with dinner. However you’re coping with the stress of the pandemic, if you’re worried about gaining too much weight during this time, Fitness Kitchen may have a solution. Say NO to #quarantine15!

UCI Health in Orange County recently published an article which included steps to take to counteract the “quarantine 15”, or “the weight gain likely to result from weeks of stress and self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus” (http://www.ucihealth.org/blog/2020/04/beating-quarantine-15). The steps included:

  • Create a routine – eat your meals at the same time each day, schedule snacks, and avoid off-schedule eating.
  • Recognize your feelings – instead of eating when you’re bored, try reading or calling a friend. Meditation or cleaning the house can be good activities to do when you feel stressed out.
  • Drink lots of liquids – staying hydrated with water, lemon water, or tea is a good first line of defense against stress eating. Instead of reaching for a snack, fetch yourself a healthy beverage.
  • Eat mindfully – slow down when you eat. Don’t put more on your plate than what your body actually wants. You can always go back for seconds if you’re still hungry.
  • Exercise – depending on your living situation this one can be a little more difficult. There are plenty of exercise and yoga classes on youtube that you can do from your living. Take a walk outside while maintaining social distancing. Make sure you are moving your body enough during quarantine.

Fitness Kitchen LA has a variety of meal plan options available. If you’re worried about gaining the #quarantine15, make the switch now. Let us cook and delivery you delicious, nutritious, calorie-controlled meals.