Looking for paleo friendly meal plans? Fitness Kitchen LA is the premier healthy meal delivery service in the Palmdale area. We specialize in healthy curated meal plans to meet your diet needs. Paleo friendly meal plans are one of our special offerings. The paleo diet is designed to be similar to what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is a whole food-based diet and thus may lead to lower rates of lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Our paleo friendly, ready to eat meals focus on lean meats, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, without any grains, dairy, or processed foods.

Our restaurant quality meals are made from the highest quality ingredients and are always delivered fresh, never frozen. Our paleo diet meal plan is an extremely efficient way to trim down, tone up, and have more energy. Our nutritionist and Chef Marieno creates a beautiful variety of paleo meals, so there’s always something new and interesting cooking up. Whether it’s broiled salmon with scallions and sesame, or roasted turkey breast with rosemary and sage, our flavors are sure to delight. Our paleo meal plan is available in two sizes, trim and maintain. Our trim size is ideal for weight loss and our maintenance size is perfect for the average person.

Check out this review from our wonderful customer, Lynda, who helped lose weight with the help of Fitness Kitchen LA: “I have tried many health/diet type food delivery services. I finally found my forever one. Daily delivery, insanely fresh, unbelievably delicious, and the staff are incredibly helpful. I get to choose from a variety of dishes. I have not had a bad one yet.  So thank you Fitness Kitchen LA, you will be a big help in my weightloss goal this year.”

Give us a call today to see how we can help you on your Palmdale healthy diet journey.