One-Week Program Meal Plans


We have the perfect plan to match your fit goals. We know health- conscious busy Angelenos care about good nutrition, always want to look their best and most of all feel energized every day. Fitness Kitchen LA is here to help you hit your fitness goals without having to cook or plan a single meal. And unlike other meal delivery services, we offer MEAL PLAN CHOICES to support your fit goals. Every meal is 100% gluten, soy and dairy free. We never use any refined sugars. 

We offer Paleo and Pescatarian Meal Plans. Simply eliminate grains and legumes for Paleo and meat for Pescatarian during checkout.



Need to lose weight quickly? This plan will get you back on track to losing weight and getting you fit and lean. Designed by a certified nutritionist, this is a diet meal plan that optimizes every calorie for nutrition and flavor. You’ll feel energized and satisfied while the pounds melt away. Approximately 1200 calories.

Starts at $55/day

Sure you want to do a One-Week Program? A Trim Weekly Subscription starts at only $45/day.



Created for fit active people or anybody looking to amp up their athletic performance. This is a fuel driving plan that provides smart, satisfying meals to keep you at the peak of your athletic game. Train provides hearty servings with plenty of protein to banish hunger and guarantees that your body gets what it needs to perform, recover and push further. Approximately 2000 calories.

Starts at $75/day

Sure you want to do a One-Week Program? A Train Weekly Subscription starts at only $65/day.



Feeling good about your fit body and want to keep it that way? Maintain is for you! This flavorful plan works for anyone who wants to stay lean without having to think about it. Our meals will nix cravings, fuel workouts and keep you at your ideal weight. Approximately 1600 calories.

Starts at $60/day

Sure you want to do a One-Week Program? A Maintain Weekly Subscription starts at only $50/day.



Choose number of days and select your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Looking to just eat clean and healthy every day? This is the program for you. Our meals provide the nutritional foundation to stay strong while providing you with up to 3 meals and an afternoon fuel option for when you need it. Order the number of meals you want.

Starts at $14/per meal

Sure you want to do a One-Week Program? Healthy Eats Weekly Subscription meals start at $12/meal.

What is the Fitness Kitchen Difference?

  • Clean Food That Feels Amazing
  • Meal Plans Specific to Your Fit Goals
  • Healthy Eats Option for Every Day Clean Eating
  • Unique Menus Every Week to Order From

“I just wanted to say you’re meals are amazing! And the best part, it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting. In fact, this food is way better than most restaurant food. And I’m a foodie who enjoys the finer food in life.

Thank you Fitness Kitchen, for helping get me back on track and making it so delicious that I’m not compromising anything.”

Lore Quint