In our day to day routine, a lot of us may not realize how normalized it has become to shame yourself for eating certain things, or for craving foods that maybe just aren’t the best food for you. It’s everywhere in the media, and has become a very casual thing in many people’s everyday routines as a way of trying to stave off certain eating habits.


Trying to unlearn diet culture and actively attempting to distance oneself from food shaming (whether consciously or unconsciously) can be a tough challenge to tackle, especially if you’re also actively trying to make healthy diet changes or changing what foods you eat. The idea is to eat clean and make food decisions that will positively impact your body – not to beat yourself up about giving into a craving or falling victim to unhealthy messages about food or body image.


A Fresh Start

If you’re entering a health or fitness journey, it’s very important to make sure to distance yourself from the messages that pervade our everyday through the normalization of diet culture. Statements like “I was bad today because I ate some Oreos”, or “I’m not going to eat that, I’ve been really good lately”, even meant without malicious intent, can cause a lot of harm, especially since statements like these are so normalized. This sort of thinking can lead a lot of people to become unhappy with their body or develop an unhealthy body image, or obsess over what or when they eat.


When consciously trying to form healthy routines or habits that benefit your body and make you feel food, it is important to protect yourself from food shaming and diet culture. Set boundaries with both yourself and others – don’t let others comment on what, when, or how much you’re eating, and don’t beat yourself up if you want a cookie or something sweet. By doing this, you allow yourself to embark on your own change in eating habits, while protecting yourself and your mental health from outside projections and societal pressures.


Make Decisions That Are Good For You

Diet culture has become so normalized in our everyday that we may not even realize it. It is important to consciously unlearn these ideals, and protect yourself from these pressures from the media or people around you. If you want to eat healthier and avoid the pressures of planning your own meals, Fitness Kitchen LA can help you on your journey. Check out our meal plans to see if any are right for you. Eat and live for yourself, not for anyone else!