After cleaning up your diet, why not address other habits that could use a detox? 

After detoxing and cleaning up your diet and eating habits, it’s easy to stop there and not address other habits that could use cleaning out as well. These habits don’t have to be eating or drinking related, but could have to do with habits that don’t even feel like habits at this point – they’re just compulsory.

When you think of a habit you have that you really which you could quit, a lot of people’s first thoughts go to social media usage or just being on their phones in general. Like a diet detox, the road to toning down your screen time often comes down to starting small and practicing little by little to break our consistent and habitual phone usage. The trick is to make your social media or phone breaks enjoyable, so you’re not tempted to fall back into your old cycles. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make detoxing from your phone that much easier.

  • Lessen the Temptation
    • No one should expect themselves to go from phone-addicted to off-the-grid in a day (or at all!). However, if you want to lessen your social media usage or phone usage little by little, a good strategy is to organize your phone in a way that minimizes your temptation to endlessly scroll through whatever apps you have available. Move your lesser used apps off your home screen, cut down on your social media apps in general if you don’t use some of them often, and unfollow anyone or anything that you don’t actually want to see. Think of it as cleaning out your closet – if you haven’t used it lately, or if you don’t wear or like it – get rid of it.
  • Set Parameters
    • Set time limits and schedule screen downtime on your phone itself – that way you have no choice but to give your eyes a rest (even your phone agrees!). Take breaks from your phone entirely by leaving it in another room or putting it away during specific periods. Don’t use it right before bed, and try to go without scrolling through your apps for an hour before you go to sleep every night. Try not to scroll as soon as you wake up in the morning, either – turn off your alarm and leave your phone in your room as you begin your wake-up routine.
  • Recognize Your Patterns
    • One of the most important aspects of detoxing from your phone or social media is recognizing your habits. Take note of when you’re compulsively reaching for your phone or scrolling through Instagram – are you doing it because you want to, or is it just automatic at this point? Only go on your phone as a treat or when you actually want to. If you catch yourself mindlessly grabbing your phone out of habit, recognize and curb the habit little by little.
  • Take a Break
    • Start your digital detox little by little – put your hone away for a few hours a day, or make it a goal not to go on a social app at all for one day a week. It’ll allow you to reset, and will give you interesting content to look at when you do go back on, instead of scrolling through the same stuff as when you looked at your phone 20 minutes ago.

Phone or social media usage isn’t a bad thing, but many of us check it out of habit, instead of out of actual need or want. Treat your phone or social media as a reward or perk of your day, rather than as an integral part of your minute-to-minute routine. Your content will still be there when you log back on, and might have more payoff after cutting down on your phone usage, who knows!

As you’re detoxing from your phone, don’t forget to stay committed to your diet detox as well! Check out Fitness Kitchen LA’s latest meal plans to keep your nutrition on track alongside your social media cleanse.