Looking for high quality meal delivery service in Lancaster? Fitness Kitchen LA is here to deliver the highest quality healthy meals directly to your doorstep. Fitness Kitchen LA prioritizes using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to create delicious and well balanced meals to meet your needs. One of our healthiest and most popular meal plans is our pescatarian plan. The pescatarian plan is full of nutrients and is very heart healthy. It is a primarily fish-based meal plan, and an excellent choice for individuals looking to upgrade their health without eating land meat. Our pescatarian plan is focused around wild caught fish, and locally-sourced, non-GMO plant based meals created by our nutritionist and chef, Marieno. Eating a primarily plant-based diet supplemented by fish has many benefits and is ideal for heart health. The omega 3s present in this diet are also known to reduce inflammation. Even better, this diet can help prevent deterioration of the brain and can elevate your mood. It’s called brain food for a reason!
So if you live in the Lancaster area, our pescatarian meal plan can help nourish your body and your mind.

Our meal plans are built around ideal and healthful ratios. Our plans are available in different sizes to help you achieve your unique fitness goals. The pescatarian diet is available in two sizes, trim and maintain. Our trim size is ideal for weight loss and our maintenance size is ideal for the average person looking to stay fit and maintain their weight. Check out this raving review from our customer, Patrick: “I recently started using fitness kitchen and I am more than satisfied with the results. The owner Tom Aaron got me started and not only personalized my order to my work out needs but also was willing to meet my budget. I am currently in the cutting phase of my workout routine and I did not know that losing fat and gaining muscle could taste so good. I am a small business owner and know the importance of customer service and so do the people at fitness kitchen LA. The food is great fresh and organic and the menu is always different and exciting. If you were thinking about getting a personal delivery service I would only use fitness kitchen LA and call today!”

Curious to try it out? Order today for next week’s delivery, and let Fitness Kitchen help you embark on your Lancaster diet journey.