If you’re trying to stick to a new way of eating, to go to the gym regularly, to curb frequent snacking, or refrain from making unhealthy eating choices, it’s easy to say you want to make some changes without actually sticking to them. Think about it: how many times have you said you’re going to go to the gym everyday, only to wake up the next morning and think “well…I’ll start tomorrow.”

If you know what you want to do, and have the tools to make it happen for yourself, all you’re really lacking is accountability – and that’s what’s really keeping you from reaching your health or fitness goals. So, how do you choose a lifestyle change and actually commit to it (and hold yourself accountable when you don’t)? There are a lot of strategies to handle this, but we’ve compiled just a handful to get you off to the right start. 

Write Down Your Goals

A good way to commit to your new routine or goals is by writing it down and having it right there in front of you. By writing down your goals, you’re not only incorporating them into your routine (if you’re putting them into your planner or calendar), but also allowing yourself to really structure your new routine in a way that makes sure you can stick with it. 

Take Things Little by Little

When you’re just starting out with a new exercise schedule or regimen, it can be easy to get too ambitious and take on too much at once. By not easing into things, you’re going to overwhelm  yourself and your body, and make it more likely for yourself to fall off the wagon and not stick to your goals. Ease yourself into your new routine, and take things little by little, and step by step. Start off with stretches daily or a short run a few times a week before gradually building up your routine. 

Be Realistic

When setting goals, it’s important to rationalize your choices, and figure out what’s really realistic for you in terms of both what your body can handle when it comes to starting a new exercise or wellness routine, as well as how likely you are to really commit or stick to something. Set realistic goals, and be honest with yourself – especially if things don’t go as planned. If you fall off with your workouts or health goals, examine why, and set up different expectations for the future. 

Get Support From Friends

No matter what your health or fitness goals are, a good strategy for keeping yourself accountable and committed to your new routine is to tell others about your goals and have them check in with you to see if you’ve completed them, and support you if you haven’t that day so you feel motivated to do so. When all else fails, you’ll always have the support of your friends! 

In addition to the tools we’ve laid out here, if you’re looking for a jumpstart to get your health goals off to the right start, an easy way to get in a routine of eating clean and making the right choices is by opting to use Fitness Kitchen LA’s customizable meal plans to get your nutrition right and get you feeling your best – so you can reach your other goals! Sign up today to take a load off and support your diet.