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How do you add healthy snacks and juices to a new order or weekly subscription?

New Customers, order Grab ‘n Go during checkout. Add snack and juice choices to your cart before submitting your meal plan order. Click here to order.

Current Subscribers, log into your account, click on the “add/edit products” option to add Grab ‘n Go to next week’s deliveries.

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Froot – Vitamin C+++
$8.00 ea

Greenlands – Energy
$8.00 ea

Citrus Flush
Fat Burner/Immune Booster

$8.00 ea

Lean N Green – Detoxifier
$8.00 ea

Hearty Boiled Eggs
$3.00 ea

Cranberry Chicken Salad
$6.75 ea

Paleo Chicken Fingers
$6.75 ea

Artichoke & Sun-dried Tomato Turkey Meatballs
$6.75 ea

Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs
$6.75 ea

FKLA Peanut Energy Bites
$3.50 ea

FKLA Paleo Energy Bars
$5.00 ea