Hey California, how is quarantine going for you? If you’re struggling to put healthy meals on the table – whether it be because of the lack of fresh ingredients at the grocery store, tiring of the same recipes you always make, or not wanting to venture out to do the shopping – whatever your reason, do not fret! Fitness Kitchen LA is open, and here to provide you with no-contact food delivery, to help keep you safe and healthy during this time.

For New Customers in California

If you’re unfamiliar with Fitness Kitchen, we offer a variety of meal delivery plans for different tastes and dietary restrictions. Browse below to see what works best for you! Or, if you don’t want to restrict yourself to one plan, you can Freestyle it.

Freestyle Meal Plan

Taste buds feeling bored? Mix it up with Freestyle – our most convenient meal option for picking and choosing according to your preferences. Meals are prepared fresh and thoughtfully curated each week, so you always have something to look forward to. Contact us to learn more and to place your first order!