Clean Lifestyles with Real Payoff

Fitness Kitchen LA was founded on the concept of providing people with the cleanest, freshest food possible to allow them to enjoy restaurant quality meals at home – every day! Our nutritious meal plans come in a variety of options, including Keto, Paleo, Pescatarian, Low-Carb, Balanced, which is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. We also have an option that allows your to choose your meals weekly, and truly customize your meal plan to fit you. 

Our healthy meal plan delivery service allow you to balance your life – no more running to the grocery store after work and grabbing whatever is there, and getting home too late to be bothered to make a balanced meal. Stop eating whatever takeout is easiest or whatever’s leftover in your fridge! Let us deliver fresh, restaurant quality meals to your door, so your life is balanced – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Real Customer Stories

We design our meal plans to balance our customers’ lives and clean eating habits. By giving them the flavor and nutrition they need, they’re empowering themselves to make healthy choices even outside their meals. Eating well is just the start – by choosing Fitness Kitchen LA, you’re choosing a clean lifestyle. 

Our customers are who we do all of this for, so it makes our day to see our meals plans making a real impact on our customers’ everyday. D. Mitchell says:

“When I have to figure out what I’m going to eat, it’s usually going to end up being a bad decision. The Fitness Kitchen has been a lifesaver. Stepping outside in the morning and gathering my fresh meals for the day, off of the porch, is absolutely awesome. The food is delicious, filling, and healthy. Having the option to pick from meal plans that meet my need, currently, low-carb, is a plus as well. Thanks FKLA!”

Making a Difference

Our meal plans are made for you and your lifestyle – no matter what that may be. We don’t want to deprive you of flavor or of filling foods – that will just lead to binging on unhealthy and over processed foods. What’s the point of that? We provide you with restaurant quality, filling, and flavor-packed meals that reflect your needs and lifestyle, and our customers’ satisfaction stories reflect that. 

“This place is impressive…shocked by the high quality of the food, as well as the normal portions. The meat/poultry/fish is fresh. The veggies are seasoned as well. The food tastes great, it’s filling, the delivery is reliable, the customer service is friendly as it gets, and the price is fair. I have been taken aback by the flavor, quality, and ease. I just pick up my bag in the AM when I leave and use the packaged meals inside during the day when it’s time to eat. Easy. Tasty. Good life.” – Thomas P.

“Love the variety and that the meals change up all of the time/ I’ve used two different meal plans before Fitness Kitchen LA and I got tired of the same meals week after week. Fitness Kitchen is definitely the best in the terms of quality but also, it really helped me hit my goals of leaning out. Would highly recommend!” – Fernando C.

At Fitness Kitchen LA, we’re here for you and your needs. By providing you with a variety of flavor-packed meals that allow you to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle without being tempted by poor choices, we empower our customers to live clean from the inside, out. 

Contact us today with any questions you may have.