Let’s face it: cooking at home is something that a lot of us don’t always follow through with, despite having big plans for delicious homecooked meals. In our modern day and age, it’s not always easy to have the time or energy to plan, shop, cook, and eat at home. If you are somebody who often resorts to ordering in, you are not alone! The fast-paced lifestyle that many people lead in 2021 (especially in SoCal) leave little room for a balanced, healthy, and affordable at-home meal schedule. But that doesn’t mean that you should skip out on your nutrition!

The Rise of Meal Delivery Services

Companies such as DoorDash and Postmates have been on the rise for years, as more and more people continue to opt in for meal delivery purchases after a long day at work. This became even more true in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, when restaurants were forced to close their doors for indoor seating and resort to takeout and delivery only. This caused the industry to skyrocket: DoorDash for instance increased its revenue by 241% in 2020 alone. While corporate meal delivery companies continue to rise, more and more restaurants and small businesses are feeling the weight of being at their whim, by having to pay costly service fees and hiking up the prices of their menu items in order to afford to utilize the delivery services.

Support Your Health & Small Business at the Same Time

Fitness Kitchen LA is a health and fitness-focused meal delivery service. We are a small business that also supports many other local small businesses by buying only local products to create our meals. We support SoCal farmers, butchers, fishers, and delivery drivers by only using the freshest in-season and sustainable crops. Each meal prepared by the chefs at Fitness Kitchen is crafted to be packed with nutrients while also tasting great. You can rest assured that when you order from Fitness Kitchen, you will always be doing your body a favor.

Affordable Meal Delivery

You may be wondering, “can I afford a premier health food delivery service”? The answer is yes: in fact, ordering from Fitness Kitchen LA is more affordable than ordering meals through a bigger meal delivery service. We have broken it down for you below, comparing the cost of two FKLA trim meals per day (the minimum order for FKLA is 2 meals, 2 days per week) to two meals ordered through Postmates.

                                                                                    Postmates                   Fitness Kitchen                      

1 Day of Delivery (2 meals at $17 each)        $34.00                         $34.00

Delivery Fee                                                            $3.99                           $9.00

Service Fee (15%)                                                  $5.10                           $0.00

Tax (10.25%)                                                            $3.49                           $0.00

Driver Tip (22%                                                       $10.25                         $0.00

TOTAL:                                                                     $56.83                         $43.00

You Save: $13.84 when you choose Fitness Kitchen meal delivery services.

Curious to know more? Head on over to this week’s menu or check out our meal plans to choose your first healthy and affordable meals, delivered!