It’s late afternoon. You’re no longer feeling satisfied from the lunch you had earlier, but dinner is still hours away. You’re hungry, and maybe feeling a little bit sluggish, wishing for a pick-me-up to help you finish out the day strong. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or a cup of coffee, you are day-dreaming of an energizing, healthy snack alternative.

That’s where Fitness Kitchen Add-Ons come in!

Fitness Kitchen LA offers a handful of satisfying, healthy snacks designed to give you a boost when you need it most. From energy bars packed with dried fruit, to smoothies, and even protein fuel – you have options when it comes to making healthy decisions about your mid-day snacks.

Check Out our Healthy Snack Options:

·      Boho Energy Bar: Dried Mango, Golden Raisins & Chia, Coconut Yogurt & Berries

·      Smoothie Starter Kit: Fruit, Chia, Nut Butter, Spinach or Kale

·      Protein Fuel Pak: Hard Boiled Egg, Whole Nuts w/Rosemary & Sea Salt, Cucumber-Melon Salad

·      Nutty Nirvana Energy Bites: Medjool Dates, Unsweetened Peanut Butter, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Peanuts, Chia Seeds, Vanilla Extract, Salt

Juice It Up

Looking for a liquid pick-me-up? Fitness kitchen is happy to offer Juice Budz 100% raw, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices to our customers. These nutrient-packed juices are sure to give you the boost you need, when you want it. So why wait? Snack Smart – Add-On any of these amazing healthy snack options to round out your current Fitness Kitchen meal plan.