Fitness Kitchen LA was featured in an article published by TMZ yesterday concerning the rise of health-centric meal prep and delivery services amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. TMZ, who spoke with several different meal delivery service companies in California, concluded that the industry is booming with new business. They write,

“With grocery stores under siege by desperate shoppers, meal prep companies are coming up big … mostly ’cause health freaks refuse to give up their diets.”

“ [FKLA tells] us their customer base has expressed interest in maintaining their lean lifestyle … and apparently, some customers are even getting their older parents involved too to keep them out of grocery stores and away from potentially infected food runners”

At Fitness Kitchen LA, we think that’s awesome!

Clean Meals, Delivered

Why give up your healthy diet because of lack-of-access to the grocery store? Some customers are even signing up on behalf of their parents, grandparents, or other family members and friends who are considered to be more at-risk when it comes to contracting the virus. Clean meals, delivered by FKLA is a great option for those who don’t want to venture out, but still want to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet.

FKLA is proud to offer a variety of meal options for those that wish to stay indoors. All meals are freshly prepared each day, and delivered conveniently to your door – no contact needed! Check out our available meal plans, OR Freestyle it! Our Freestyle option allows you plenty of flexibility to pick and choose your meals as you wish.

To read the full TMZ article, click here.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay fit!