Love this!! I have been looking for an easy way to eat clean and lose weight & this has been PERFECT! I haven’t had to cook, which is great when I’m on the go, and the food is delicious! They’re dependable, always on top of it when I have questions, and very passionate about what they do.

Kelly Stadum

The food is always excellent. I will continue to order food and I will refer others.

Quinn Quile

This place is impressive…shocked by the high quality of the food, as well as the normal portions. The meat/poultry/fish is fresh. The veggies are seasoned well. The food tastes great, it’s filling, the delivery is reliable, the customer service is friendly as it gets, and the price is fair. I have been taken aback by the flavor, quality, and ease. I just pick up my bag in the AM when I leave and use the packaged meals inside during the day when it’s time to eat. Easy. Tasty. Good life.

Thomas Parisi

Love the variety and that the meals change up all of the time. I’ve used two different meal plans before Fitness Kitchen LA and I got tired of the same meals week after week.

Fitness Kitchen is definitely the best in terms of quality but also, it really helped me hit my goals of leaning out. Would highly recommend!

Fernando Cruz

Love the convenience of having freshly-made, delicious meals sent to my door everyday. There’s a great mix of food plans that I can try out if I want to change up my diet. Also, if I ever need to leave out of town, it’s so easy to pause my deliveries and restart when I return. Would highly recommend!

Simone Poingsett

There is no doubt about it, FK uses incredibly high quality ingredients.

Kristin Colon