Manhattan, NY

The amazing combination of high quality service and food!  FK recommended.

Alexander G.

Harbor City, Los Angeles, CA

I loved this service. I used it to lose weight and it really works! The food is very good and there is a good variety.
I highly recommend them.

Angela A.

Los Angeles, CA

The food is excellent. My kids actually fight over it. The portions do not leave me hungry. The team has been excellent, with prompt delivery and strong communication. I feel lucky to have such a healthy option for my meals on the go.

Jennifer W.

Santa Monica, CA

I’ve loved using Fitness Kitchen to lose weight because it’s a convenient way to have the right food prepared for you and in the right amount, plus it’s the best tasting food I’ve tried from a meal prep service. I couldn’t recommend this more highly to anyone who wants to make it a little bit easier to eat healthy and control portions.

A. M.

Beverly Hills, CA

For health reasons, I wanted to be on a vegan/pescatoian diet. The food service I was with previously did a good job on regular food, but I felt like I was eating tree bark and peat moss when they tried to provide my special diet request. I had the same problem with another service I tried.

Then I found Fitness Kitchen and the food is delicious. I enjoy the meals, and feel satisfied. I don’t feel like I am being deprived on their meals. Great service!

James B.

Laguna Nigel, CA

I lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks. I would have lost more had I exercised more. But I am happy with the results. The food is really tasty and I was never hungry!
Highly recommend.

TheresA W.

Los Angeles, CA

Fitness Kitchen is definitely the best in terms of quality but also, it really helped me hit my goals of leaning out. Would highly recommend!

Love the variety and that the meals change up all of the time. I’ve used two different meal plans before Fitness Kitchen LA and I got tired of the same meals week after week.

Fernando C.

West Hollywood, CA

Love the convenience of having freshly-made, delicious meals sent to my door everyday. There’s a great mix of food plans that I can try out if I want to change up my diet. Also, if I ever need to leave out of town, it’s so easy to pause my deliveries and restart when I return. Would highly recommend!

Simone P.

West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

This is the best meal service I have ever used. I have used others in the past and was disappointed by taste or even presentation. I am on the trim balanced meal plan and I am never disappointed. So many different veggies and proteins. I actually enjoy eating the meals! I love junk food and unhealthy food so finding healthy food that fulfills cravings was really exciting. The price is also reasonable and fair for the quality.

Ashley R.

Los Angeles, CA

This place is impressive…shocked by the high quality of the food, as well as the normal portions. The meat/poultry/fish is fresh. The veggies are seasoned well. The food tastes great, it’s filling, the delivery is reliable, the customer service is friendly as it gets, and the price is fair. I have been taken aback by the flavor, quality, and ease. I just pick up my bag in the AM when I leave and use the packaged meals inside during the day when it’s time to eat. Easy. Tasty. Good life.

Thomas P.