At FKLA, we’re passionate about setting our customers up for success for any nutrition or wellness journey they’re looking to embark upon. Whether you just want to get your nutrition in check, set yourself up on a fitness journey, or just want to lose weight, our customized meal plans are made to put you on the right path. 

Real Progress, Real Results

We’re proud of your successes, and are even more excited to see your progress or results chronicled through our reviews! Along with your hard work and dedication to your own nutrition or fitness goals, Fitness Kitchen LA provides real, healthy results for our customers. No matter what your dietary habits currently are, or if you’re looking to switch things up and try a new way of eating, we have options to fit whatever your dietary needs or restrictions might be. 

Proven Results

The biggest indicator of our results comes straight from our satisfied customers. Not convinced? Pamela F. of Pacific Palisades, CA raves of her results and continued journey with Fitness Kitchen LA’s meal plans:

“I put on the COVID-19 pounds, and if it were up to my own cooking, there would be no way of losing weight. So, I started ordering lunch and dinners from Fitness Kitchen LA, Monday through Friday. It’s been such a great experience. I love that they offer 4 different meal plans (keto, paleo, pescatarian, or healthy balance. I’ve jumped from Keto the first couple of weeks to now, this week, Pescatarian for lunch and Paleo Trim for dinner. The food is delicious and [has] lots of variety.”

She continues: “I love ALL the salads. And the steak chimichurri, chicken mustard dijon and all the different fish dishes have all been amazing. And the best part is, I’m losing weight! Almost close to fitting into my pants that I could wear pre-pandemic. I only eat what is delivered, and have a couple cups of coffee with my keto creamer (Nik Pik). I also do intermittent fasting and only eat the lunch and dinners delivered between 11am and 6pm. I can eat whatever I want on the weekends.”

Additionally, Pamela states that, “It’s so nice not to have to figure out food that’s healthy and is helping me lose weight by the mere fact that all the food is clean eating and healthy, and, most importantly, delicious. If I want to make changes and bounce around between their menu offerings, I simply email them before Thursday at 9[pm] for the upcoming week. I’ve had a month of being extremely busy with my business and have appreciated the ready made meals.”

Customized Meal Plans

At Fitness Kitchen LA, we know how tough it can be to reach your health or nutrition goals while working constantly or running your own business. For professionals like Pamela, it can be tough to lose weight or improve your nutrition by cooking your own recipes at home, and it can be easy to fall into snacking or unhealthy eating or take-out ordering when you’re tired after a long day. Fitness Kitchen LA gets that, and makes it easy for you!
Check out our clean, restaurant quality meals that are tailored to you, never boring, and always full of flavor – while allowing you to reach your goals! No matter your diet or eating restrictions, we have options for you. Let us be a part of your journey by checking out our plans here.