As we’ve sat in the house bored over the past year, weight gain due to inactivity was almost inevitable for a lot of us. Now, as LA and many places around the world reopen, those feelings of insecurity or guilt for habits developed over quarantine can easily creep up. For some, it’s hard to even imagine how to get back to the healthy routines or exercise regimes they practiced before COVID. If you have experienced an inevitable COVID weight gain, do not fear!


If you gained weight or fell out of routines and into unhealthy habits during quarantine, it’s important not to beat yourself up. It’s okay! The past year has been a difficult one, and was something that none of us were prepared for. We’re not out of the woods yet, but it’s possible to pull yourself out of unhealthy routines or habits as the world opens back up.

How to Change Your Habits

The reopening of LA is encouraging, but it’s important to stay safe. Simple activities like walking or going for a run around different areas of the city can still cause anxiety or unsure feelings in many. Start slow and do small exercises from YouTube or yoga at home to set a healthy and active routine. From there, go for a run or walk in an open area, or make a day of it and go for a long hike. Begin to actively make healthy and mindful choices for mealtimes, and shop accordingly. Make yourself a meal plan (or check out FKLA’s meal plans here), and keep that in mind at the grocery store.


As places open again, it is important not to do too much at once and overwhelm yourself. Start making healthy choices and working small activities into your everyday to shed those extra COVID pounds. Being healthy is most important, and small changes can make a big difference. If you should like some assistance getting back on track, FKLA can help you do it. Check out our menu and get started today!