With the majority of Americans under stay-at-home orders, and many of us trying to avoid public spaces as much as possible, online food and grocery purchasing has skyrocketed. Many Americans hadn’t done their grocery shopping online before but are now utilizing sites such as Amazon Fresh and Instacart to get their food delivered to their homes. But with the surge of new customers utilizing these services, some companies are struggling to keep up with demand, making products and convenient delivery times inaccessible to many.

Where then should Americans get their food supply?

One option is to support local farms, CSA’s, and smaller produce markets. The New York Times recently published an article on the rise of customers turning towards small farms to meet food supply demands.

“In Los Angeles, some community-supported agriculture services have seen their membership triple in just a few weeks.”

This begs the question – will the Coronavirus pandemic reverse some of our culturally-held corporate food trends? There has been a growing movement over the years to return to local food sources, and it is safe to bet that the trend will grow with popularity over the next few months due to the pandemic crisis.

Supporting Local Businesses

In the same vain, while grocery store shelves continue to look sparse, many people are turning towards local restaurants and meal delivery services for their food supply. Fitness Kitchen LA is proud to be one of those Southern California businesses – providing fresh, nutritious food prepared with local ingredients to customers around the region.

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