Are you tired a lot? Like, all the time? If you’ve asked Google a few times why you’re so tired once, twice, or multiple times, it might be time to look inward to find the root cause of your chronic fatigue – without taking a trip to the doctor because the plethora of search results told you you’ve got a laundry list of terminal illnesses which are the cause of your tiredness.

So Why Am I Tired?

Tiredness can have a lot of root causes – stress, lack of sleep, medical conditions, lack of exercise, anxiety, depression, drinking alcohol, and many more. Even if you go to the doctor with suspicions of having a deeper sleeping disorder, they will want to determine if your fatigue is caused by more straightforward habits.

Before going straight to the doctor, the first step is to try and improve your sleeping habits on your own through eating a healthy dinner, creating a nighttime routine, and avoiding scrolling on your phone for hours into the night before falling asleep.

If you know your tiredness is caused by stress or a poor sleep schedule, get to work creating a nightly routine that will promote a better-quality sleep.

  • Be consistent. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday – even on your days off.
  • Watch Your Caffeine Intake. If you’re drinking coffee or another caffeinated beverage in the afternoon, you could be disrupting your quality of sleep later on.
  • Avoid Drinking Before Bed. If possible, avoid drinking alcohol (especially in excess) before bed. Much like caffeine, alcohol disrupts sleep cycles and can leave you feeling drained and exhausted in the morning – even if you got a full night’s sleep.
  • Prioritize Your Sleep Schedule. Make bettering your quality of sleep something you actively pursue. Don’t scroll on your hone endlessly right before bed, and meditate or have a routine to de-stress before bed to clear your mind.
  • Eat Smarter. Chronic tiredness can also be attributed to lack of activity or poor diet – eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods that will allow you to wake up feeling more energetic and boost your metabolism. Don’t know where to start? Check out Fitness Kitchen LA’s healthy, nutrient-rich meal plans to get your healthy eating on track.

These are just some simple tips to better your quality of sleep, but please see a professional if your sleeping problems are the symptom of a sleeping disorder or medical condition. Prioritize yourself and your sleep, and improve your day to day by waking up feeling refreshed and ready for your routine.

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