Managing the urge to go out to eat or order in is something a lot of us struggle to manage. The convenience and ease of choice is often too tantalizing to turn up, but the cost and wastefulness of eating out is a huge downside. Additionally, for those with dietary restrictions, eating out can make it hard to manage and control what ingredients are used in your meals. The alternative? Sign up for Fitness Kitchen LA instead, and get restaurant-quality food that fits your diet and lifestyle health goals delivered to your door.


With Fitness Kitchen LA’s meal delivery options, it’s easy to feel like you’re eating at a fine restaurant. Luckily our service is cost effective AND good for your health. At FKLA, we use fresh, local ingredients to prepare a variety of flavorful and eclectic meal plans for you to enjoy daily. Whether you follow a vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, low-carb, or paleo diet – we are sure to have dishes that will leave you wanting more.

Save On Expensive Take-Out Urges

Plan ahead with Fitness Kitchen to have all of your favorite dishes delivered to you throughout the week. With over 50 menu options to choose from, as well as a rotation of weekly specials, you’re sure to find meals that you love. We prepare everything fresh and deliver it right to you.


Kicking that restaurant habit certainly isn’t easy. But why waste your time and money on ordering from different restaurants who source their food from mythical far-away lands, when you can order from Fitness Kitchen and get local delicious food delivered?

Curious to try our food? Head on over to our menu to have a look!