We all have the urge – getting bored during your day, and taking a break from work or an activity to check the fridge, sitting down, and getting up to check the fridge again in hopes that there’s suddenly something good there. The habit usually ends in grabbing whatever snack or food perks your interest and absentmindedly eating while scrolling through social media or watching TV. It’s a routine that’s rarely satisfying, but scratches the itch that boredom leaves in your brain.

As quarantine drags on and many either work from home or spend an increased amount of time at home, the urge to eat out of boredom only increases. To curb it, the first steps are to recognize why you eat out of boredom. There is no single origin or trigger for this, but many experience urges to eat due a variety of emotional triggers and stressors. Upon recognizing and identifying these triggers as they occur, it’s important not to chastise or shame yourself for acting on them. Instead, provide yourself with healthy alternatives or make active changes to your daily routine to curb or change these habits.

Healthy and fun alternatives to taking a trip to the fridge could include activities like going for a walk, taking a yoga or meditation break, or even something like having a ten-minute solo dance party. If that doesn’t interest you, being mindful about your snacks could do the trick. Instead of snacking on chocolate or a miscellaneous piece of toast when you’re bored, provide yourself with healthy options like fruits or proteins, and drink lots of water.

It’s important not to shame yourself for your urges to eat out of boredom– we all get them! Instead, break out of your routines and identify why you want to eat, and how to provide yourself with healthy alternatives.

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