5 Tips for Staying Fit at Home

The Coronavirus pandemic may be tempting you to stay on the couch all day, snacking and binge-watching Netflix. Gym closures, social distancing, and home confinement may be making you feel a little stir crazy. If you’re feeling unmotivated, remember that regular exercise is crucial for your health. It prevents unwanted weight gain, boosts immune function,…


Say NO to #Quarantine15

We can all admit to a little bit of stress eating lately. Times are stressful! From being cooped up at home, having the kids in the house all day, even just reading the news – our daily lives could feel more anxiety-inducing than normal right now. Maybe you’re snacking on the kid’s cookies late at…


Spring into Mealtime – with Fitness Kitchen

It’s Easter and Passover, and we would like to thank our community for your continued support. We are proud to be able to serve the greater Los Angeles area fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals during this trying time. Whether you are getting ready to sit down for dinner with your at-home family this week, or…