Variety Is the
Spice Of Mealtime

Choose your own meals
from over 50+ options.
More clean choices such as paleo,
pescatarian, gluten-free, soy-free
& dairy-free options.

That’s why our À La Carte Los Angeles diet meal delivery program offers over 50+ menu options
for you to choose from.

À La Carte from Fitness Kitchen in Los Angeles is a healthy food option that also allows you to choose from a variety of meals. You can eat a paleo meal, a pescatarian meal or just a good balanced meal, all in one day! It’s your choice.

  • Paleo
  • Pescatarian
  • Balanced
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free
    With À La Carte you get to:
  • Choose your own meals every week
  • Choose how you want to eat
  • Choose from a new menu each week with specials
  • Choose from 2 portion-controlled sizes
  • Choose desserts, Afternoon fuels, juices, snacks & bars

Choose from 2 sizes: Trim or Maintain. Trim for weight loss. Maintain to keep fit and
support a heavy workout schedule.

À La Carte Trim Meal Pricing
Breakfast $9.00
Lunch/Dinner $15.00
Afternoon Fuel $8.00
Desserts $6.00

À La Carte Trim starts at


*Price is based on breakfast, lunch, dinner, Afternoon Fuel & dessert, 2 days a week.

À La Carte Maintain Meal Pricing
Breakfast $12.00
Lunch/Dinner $18.00
Afternoon Fuel $8.00
Desserts $6.00

À La Carte Maintain starts at


*Price is based on breakfast, lunch, dinner, Afternoon Fuel & dessert, 2 days a week.

Delivered fresh 5 days a week (Mon thru Friday) overnight no later than 6am in a secure
insulated bag throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Inland Empire.

Our Los Angeles diet meal delivery program is designed by our nutritionist and Chef Marieno.

Delivery fees based on zip code $8.00-$11.00 per delivery.

Sample Menu

Espresso Rubbed Steak & Eggs
with Fall Vegetable Hash

Crunchy Asian Slaw with Shredded Chicken
& Sesame Ginger Dressing
(Paleo, Gluten & Dairy Free)

Sauteed Seabass with Tomato Bruschetta,
Roasted Dutch Carrots & Sauteed Spinach
(Paleo, Pescaterian, Gluten & Dairy Free)

Locally Grown.
Strictly SoCal.

Chef Marieno carefully crafts our Los Angeles diet meal delivery program with locally-sourced ingredients and translates recipes from SoCal’s culinary trends so you can feel good about what your putting in your mouth without sacrificing flavor. This is why Fitness Kitchen LA is SoCal’s premier fitness meal delivery service. We welcome you to taste why.

It’s In The Bag

Fitness Kitchen LA, you get fresh, local sourced in Los Angeles, healthy food delivered daily to your door Monday thru Friday. Choose from a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks or add on juices from Juice Budz and our own bars.

  • Delivery is Monday thru Friday with meals arriving no later than 6am in a secure insulated bag
  • Cooked meals designed by our nutritionist & Chef Marieno
  • Locally-sourced & always fresh ingredients
  • Paleo, pescatarian, gluten free, soy free & dairy free options


$9.00/MEAL OR  $76.00/WEEK

*Price is based on breakfast, lunch, dinner, Afternoon Fuel & dessert, 2 days a week.

What Our Clients Are Saying

This is the best meal service I have ever used. I have used others in the past and was disappointed by taste or even presentation. I am on the trim balanced meal plan and I am never disappointed. So many different veggies and proteins. I actually enjoy eating the meals! I love junk food and unhealthy food so finding healthy food that fulfills cravings was really exciting. The price is also reasonable and fair for the quality.

Ashley R.
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Fitness Kitchen is "in my opinion" the best source of delivery food available.
Slimming, exercise, Keto or vegetarian, you will find the perfect menu cooked by REAL chefs each night and delivered to your door ready for your day to start and end.
The food itself is amazing ! locally sourced ingredients !

Andrew T.
Anaheim, CA

I loved this service. I used it to lose weight and it really works! The food is very good and there is a good variety. I highly recommend them.

Angela A.
Harbor City, Los Angeles, CA

I've loved using Fitness Kitchen to lose weight because it's a convenient way to have the right food prepared for you and in the right amount, plus it's the best tasting food I've tried from a meal prep service. I couldn't recommend this more highly to anyone who wants to make it a little bit easier to eat healthy and control portions.

Santa Monica, CA

Plenty of variety in their menu options and never had an issue with delivery. They are also very quick to respond on emails to any questions.

Christine D.
Los Angeles, CA

The food is excellent. My kids actually fight over it. The portions do not leave me hungry. The team has been excellent, with prompt delivery and strong communication. I feel lucky to have such a healthy option for my meals on the go.

Jennifer W.
Los Angeles, CA