The Coronavirus pandemic may be tempting you to stay on the couch all day, snacking and binge-watching Netflix. Gym closures, social distancing, and home confinement may be making you feel a little stir crazy. If you’re feeling unmotivated, remember that regular exercise is crucial for your health. It prevents unwanted weight gain, boosts immune function, and increases your mood. When the world feels chaotic and out of your control, taking a daily stance on your health and body is a great way to feel empowered. Here are some tips for staying fit at home:

  1. Get outside, if you can – engaging with your body outdoors is beneficial for many reasons. Fresh air and vitamin D exposure from the sun is good for your skin, your immune system, and even your mood. If you have access to a walking path, a back yard, or even a street to walk on, take advantage of it.
  2. Find a Youtube guru – Many fitness instructors are taking to the internet in these times to share what they know. Make a comfortable space in your living room to follow along with a daily workout.
  3. Check out some fitness apps – companies are sharing their fitness programs for free to help keep people active. Take a look at these free fitness apps such as Peloton and Nike.
  4. Engage the whole family – if you’re stuck at home with kids, a spouse, parents, or roommates, find a routine that you can all do together to make exercising fun. Dance parties and relay races are sure to get everyone’s heart racing.
  5. Choose an easy daily workout – from squats to lunges, to curls – there are plenty of at-home exercises to do while still getting a good work out. Start small, and each day add more to your goal. You’ll definitely be feeling strong by the end of quarantine!

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