In our day to day routines, it can be easy to get into the comfortable habit of having a soda with lunch, or snacking on various items that might not be the best for us – especially if you’re working from home. Having your pantry in your peripheral at all times can end of doing a lot more harm than good – especially if you’re currently trying to keep on a steady diet! Along with making conscious, clean eating choices with your regular meals, like say, through Fitness Kitchen LA’s fresh, restaurant quality and customizable meal plans, it’s also incredibly important to be mindful about your snacking habits, and how they could be hurting you in the long run. 

Being Conscious About Your Choices

There’s no harm in having the odd unhealthy snack here and there if It makes you happy – trying to cut out sweets or just snacks you enjoy in general will do you more harm than good in the long run if you try to be too strict with yourself or with your diet. However, it is important to make healthy choices, and choose clean alternatives to sugary or unhealthy snacks whenever you can. Read below for some of FKLA’s healthy alternatives to some of our own guilty pleasures. 

  1. Soda vs. Seltzer

Many people’s go to guilty pleasure is having a sugary drink or soda with their lunch, or just during an afternoon. There’s no harm in having one once in a while, but having soda or sugary drinks regularly can throw off your whole diet if you’re not careful! Instead of reaching for that soda, try replace it with a flavored seltzer instead. You’ll get your carbonation fix, without the downsides. 

  1. The Cereal Snacker

A lot of people regard cereal as an easy, healthy snack to absentmindedly munch on during the day. That’s all well and good – unless that cereal is a notoriously sugary or surprisingly unhealthy one. Before you know it, you’ve gone through the whole box and have ruined your appetite for your next healthy meal! In combination with portion control, swap out your favorite sugary cereal with a more natural one that still packs a lot of flavor.

  1. On a Roll

A super easy and delicious way to cut down on an unhealthy food item that you don’t even think about is to start replacing your sandwich rolls or breads with healthy wraps! When making a sandwich, you probably don’t even register the unhealthy aspects of breads, or how often you eat bread during the day. Don’t let bread weigh you down and take over your entire sandwich! Switch it out with a wrap and choose from a bunch of different flavors, like spinach or sun-dried tomato, to switch it up a bit. Plus, think of how fun it is to roll them!

  1. A Slice of Life

An easy way to make healthy choices you won’t even clock yourself are to replace your regular, at-home pizza crust go to’s with cauliflower crusts! This solution is delicious and almost unnoticeable. Plus, if you don’t feel like making your own pizza at home, there are a ton of different frozen pizza options available with cauliflower crusts.

  1. Going Nuts

If you find yourself wandering back and forth to your pantry absentmindedly, and munching on whatever popcorn or chips or whatever are in there – quit it! Snacking like this ruins your appetite for your actual meals, and is just a cure for your own boredom. Boredom snacking is pretty common, but is a pretty hard habit to break. If you find you need to munch on something, try reaching for some nuts or dried fruit instead of unhealthy options. Nuts are high in healthy fats and a number of proteins, and dried fruit is a great healthy alternative to any greasy snacks. 

No matter what your guilty pleasure foods are, nothing is too bad for you when managed and consumed in moderation! Don’t completely cut out anything you really love – you’ll just end up sad and craving these things anyway. However, when reaching for snacks, maybe reach for a healthy alternative instead, and feel better about both the snack itself, and about how your body feels! Plus, when it comes time for your regular meal, make conscious, clean eating choices with Fitness Kitchen LA’s clean and customizable meal plan options