Sometimes when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps during your day, it doesn’t come down to eating healthier or detoxing to make your body feel better. Sometimes, it comes down to factors beyond food or nutrition – it comes down to mindfulness. Surprisingly enough, if you consciously practice a better mindset, and actively choose better daily habits as part of your routine, you can allow your body to feel healthier, naturally. By practicing different daily mental affirmations and consciously changing your mindset or correcting negative thought patterns you might find yourself falling into, you can help your body out without ever even visiting your kitchen. 

Practicing Mindfulness

So what’s the secret to feeling healthier all day every day, without changing your diet? First thing’s first: your body is primarily going to feel healthier and at it’s best when you’re making good dietary choices and eating clean. You can’t really change the way your body feels overall with mindfulness if you’re filling it with unhealthy foods or take out that leaves your stomach feeling queasy all the time. However, to supplement your existing healthy nutrition choices, introducing certain techniques to your daily routine can sometimes help you out immensely. Mental health directly impacts your physical health, so don’t count it out – by practicing mindfulness, you’ll be helping both yourself mentally and your body physically. 

So what techniques are we referring to? Read on for our key everyday techniques to have you feeling your best. 

  1. Get Enough Sleep. We know what you’re thinking: wait a minute, this isn’t an affirmation or a daily saying to keep your mind in check! However, getting enough sleep is the first step into getting yourself to begin practicing healthy mental and mindfulness habits. By getting a full night’s rest of quality sleep, you’re putting yourself in the right headspace to take on your day. Mindfulness techniques don’t hold much depth when you’re trying to make yourself feel better whilst groggy, cranky, and running on 3 hours of poor sleep and a large coffee. 

Sleep plays a huge role in determining your energy levels, appetite, and overall headspace for the day. By setting yourself up for success before you even get up for the day, you’re allowing yourself to get a head start on your routine. 

  1. Monitor Your Thoughts. This might also seem like a weird one upon first read, but it’s extremely important. If you constantly entertain a negative mindset or negative thought cycles, you’re only making your body feel worse, when it already might not be feeling too well. 

When you find yourself participating in negative thought cycles, or even participating in constant self-deprecating humor or jokes, try to take a moment to step back and consciously try to work through these thoughts, and try to insert some positive thoughts or affirmations into the cycle. It might be extremely tough, but just being able to break yourself out of constant negative thought cycles (even just one!) can make your body feel immensely better throughout the day. Go easy on yourself! You’re doing your best and don’t deserve the self-criticism you give yourself throughout the day. 

  1. Take a Break. Especially if you’re caught up in the 9-5 daily cycle at your job, it’s extremely important to just take a few minutes throughout your day to just exist for yourself. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, maybe do some stretches or take a short walk around the block if you have time. Take the time to reconnect and check in with yourself. It might seem like a small action that won’t make much of a difference, but your body can feel immensely better just by checking in with yourself and your feelings throughout the day. 

Sometimes, getting your body to feel healthy, happy, and at its best doesn’t just come down to practicing a healthy diet or nutrition (though it certainly helps!). Sometimes, in addition to making healthy food choices, practicing mindfulness or consciously exercising positive thought patterns can make your body feel like a million bucks. Take time to check in with yourself, redirect constant self-criticism or self deprecation, and allow your body to feel the best it can possibly feel.