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For as little as $45 per day, we deliver 4 full meals made with the freshest, local ingredients. Fitness Kitchen LA helps top actors and athletes look and feel their best, and we’ll do the same for you! 

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Fitness Kitchen LA means eating delightful, inventive, locally sourced meals while achieving your health and fitness goals. Do you want to drop pounds while building strength? Effortlessly maintain your current weight? Fuel up for athletic performance? Fitness Kitchen LA has a plan that will help you do just that. More than a delivery service, we are fitness and nutrition experts who will help you meet all of your health objectives while eating better than you ever have. Our plans start as low as $45 per day for 4 full meals.

Why choose Fitness Kitchen LA?

  • The freshest, locally sourced ingredients
  • Food that tastes like it came from your favorite restaurant
  • Meal plans designed to help you achieve targeted health and fitness goals
  • All three plans include four meals a day
  • Portion sizes tailored to fit your personal goals
  • Delivery right to your home or office

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Our Trim meal plan starts as low as $45 per day for 4 full meals.

Watch extra weight melt away and muscle definition emerge while you eat delicious food all day. In this high-protein plan every calorie is optimized for nutrition and satisfaction, so you can shed pounds without deprivation. It’s ideal for actors who need to get camera-ready quick, moms looking to shed baby weight, guys who want to lose the beer belly, or for anybody who wants to get ready for LA’s year-long beach season. If you want to know more about the plan calories, click here.

Our Maintain meal plan starts as low as $52 per day for 4 full meals. 

Maintain is perfect for anybody looking to stay lean and healthy without having to think about it or for those who’ve lost weight and want to transition into maintenance mode. Nix cravings and effortlessly keep your weight just where you want it with satisfying meals fine-tuned to meet all of your nutrient needs. If you want to know more about the plan calories, click here.

Our Train meal plan starts as low as $59 per day for 4 full meals. 

Designed for pro athletes, distance runners and anybody looking to amp up athletic performance, this plan provides smart, satisfying fuel to keep you at the peak of your game. Hearty servings of proteins and vegetables guarantee that your body gets what it needs to perform, recover, and then push further. If you want to know more about the plan calories, click here.

Experience the luxury of a meal plan designed exclusively for you, based on your health goals and culinary preferences. With this 100% personalized program our nutrition experts carefully evaluate your needs, then our chef creates menus designed to delight your taste buds and get your body where it needs to be.

Once your health and fitness goals are met through one of our meal delivery programs, the A La Carte option allows you the convenience of ordering individual meals vs. a standard four meals per day. Delivery of just two or three meals per day ensures that your nutritional foundation stays strong, while providing you the flexibility to dine out or cook at home.

If you’ve sworn off meat, let our Vegetarian plan take the guesswork out of optimizing nutrients without putting on pounds. Each menu is carefully designed by our nutrition experts to contain just-right proportions of meat-free protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, to fuel your lifestyle while keeping your body lean. Four satisfying meals per day ensure no hunger or carb cravings, and provide steady energy.


Fitness Kitchen LA client A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley, Actor

“The last couple months have been extremely busy with work, I’ve had to gain weight then quickly turn around and lose the weight for a completely different character. Throw in being a new father on top of that and it can become very overwhelming trying to keep my meal plan on course. That’s what I love about Fitness Kitchen, they make my life easy and keep my meal plan on point so I’m ready for whatever the next role is.”

Fitness Kitchen LA client, Lisa Rado

Lisa Rado, CN, IHC; Rado Nutrition

“Resetting a professional athletes body requires several steps for guaranteed success including intelligent and intentional nutrition. LA Kings Captain, Dustin Brown came to me in May 2015 ready to optimize his metabolic function, biochemistry and overall health markers.  I chose Fitness Kitchen LA as the perfect fit for his ‘intelligent & intentional nutrition’ program that we required for his 3 week Rado Nutrition Athletic Detox program.

In just a few weeks, everything shifted in the right direction:  17 lbs of body fat lost, 7 lbs of lean muscle mass gained, 7% body fat reduction. Every biochemistry health marker is now optimized and he’s never felt better.  I can’t wait to see him dominate the ice this season!  Thanks Fitness Kitchen LA for being a valuable team member!”



Lamb Chops With Braised Greens & Herb Roasted Beets